The winter holidays are quickly approaching and soon it will be 2021. If you haven’t noticed, brands (like Starbucks) rethink their marketing during the season. Have you ever wondered why? Well, customers aren’t simply shopping for gifts for their loved ones. They are also in search of holiday spirit. Making…

Coronavirus Relief Resources For Restaurants & Restaurants Employees (NYC + National Programs)

Photo Cred: Thrillist

Update: 04/13/2020

New York City is known for its culinary geniuses and thriving restaurant scene but because of COVID-19, that has come to a screeching halt. It’s been over a week since Gov Cuomo ordered all restaurants, bars…

Harlem has been going through a restaurant boom for the last decade and it’s safe to say that Harlem Shake has continued to lead the pack.

Harlem Shake: 124th and Lenox Ave

The restaurant has been a staple on Lenox Ave/Malcolm X Blvd, one of the most popular avenues in the neighborhood, since 2013. While a slew of restaurants has come and gone, Harlem Shake has continued to thrive adding more customers and becoming more popular year after year.

The decor is reminiscent of a 1950’s Diner. My favorite part of the restaurant’s interior is undoubtedly the Wall of Fame. The Wall of…

Name: Monique Bivens

Business: Brazilian Babes LLC

Location: Harlem

Monique Bivens is the owner of Brazilian Babes, a luxury beauty boutique specializes in Brazilian Waxing, Skincare/Specialty Services and Makeup application. Located in the center of Harlem, Brazilian Babes is next door neighbors to Art2Ink (one of Harlem’s premiere tattoo shops) and serves a community who has been waiting for…

Rosi Sellers

Former hospitality manager turned freelance digital marketing specialist. Specializing in #food, #tech & #lifestyle brands.

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